Welcome to every one at K for Kunal . Dil hain chota sa Choti Si Aasha .This is the song which I’m going humming all time . Not my heart is small [ I’m big hearted ;-) ] but I have small wish to run my personal blog . This idea was in my mind from last few years . Some people told me not to start so I didn’t started yet but now I cannot stop myself anymore.

So here is my new blog K For Kunal , My pen My voice. First I would like to thanks all my friends for great support to make the blog up . Firstly I would like to thank Harshad for the name and title of the blog , Anurag for theme , Aravind for Logo making , and last but not least my one and only ,lovely Kid Pandu aka Rajesh for inaugurating the blog on special occasion of friendship day :D .

Not making it too large to read I would also like to thanks all of my friends for visiting and suggesting me improvement . please stay tuned for Further posts in K for Kunal :P

With Regards

Kunal Gautam

Note :- From above i conclude that i can write a nice speech :P


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