MSEDCL Status of My Area

MSEDCL Status in My Area


For those who don’t know what is MSEDCL let me tell its Full form its Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited . This post is regarding That funny department MSEDCL . Few days ago they decided to do load shedding in Pune area which was earlier having zero load shedding. They started from 1 hours and now it is at peak i.e at 7 hours. They stated that due to short rain fall demand has increased . BUT DEAR MSEDCL now its raining still demand high or you people will still cut throat of us ?? .

Needless to say it is 7 hours power cut but in my area more then 8hours either due to low voltage or due to fluctuations or due to loose wiring . All they know is to take bribe . Once transformer was blown up , the power was restored after 5 days . Imagine we don’t have water supply too. our drinking water comes from electricity only [ ya we have RO water purifier which run on electricity only ] , I was disconnected from friends for those black days [ mobile was down ] . thanks to my mom mobile that it can run for so much long time [ and I charged it thru my UPS to ;-) ] .

I’m still using one stabilizer for running my PC and two stabilizer at peak time [ always in evening ] . The voltage is too low in evening time that if CFL Bulbs will lighten up its really a great achievement for us :D . Thank god our Tube Lights have capacity to glow in 90 V also . We cannot have Inverter in this situation too .

Over all moral of this long article : Government offices are still home for bribery we need some private players in Electricity too [ for distribution Purpose not for power generation .

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