I Wish……..

I wish I could say, the feelings that went away,
I will I could tell, things I did that no one ever will..
I wish you could hear, the voice behind my silence..
I wish you could see those tears..
I wish you could feel that pain burning inside me..
You promised that we’d together..But you were never here…

I wish I could show you, your beauty in my eyes..
I wish I could I tell you, how you made me feel inside..
I wish you could know, those feelings that disappeared..
I wish you wouldn’t go,  you left but I was there..
I wish you could remember, fake promises that you made..
I wish I never had to hear, those awful things that you said.

I wish you still remember, the times we had together,
I wish you still love those things, coz nothing can ever be better..

– Anurag Upadhaya

aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

Here is one of nice poem by my best friend Anurag :)

aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

ye peeli si roshni, hai ye meri hamsafar,
baithte hain hum yahaan, saare jahaan ko chod kar,
aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

bachpan tha beeta khushion ke bich,
pyaar ke saaye mein main bada hua,
aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

hote the hum bhi bade manchale,
humse bada koi kahaan hua,
suna hai iss sheher mein ab, humse bada koi seher utha,
aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

the hamare bhi chahne waale bahut,
naa jaane unhe kya hua…
kuch dost bhi the kahin…unhe bhi bada gumaan hua..
aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

iss sheher main bichde kuch dost mere,
yahin pe mere pyaar ka bhi dum ghuta…
aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

theein hamaari umeedein badi,
ye karenge.. wo banenge..
na jaane un tasveeron ko bhi kya hua?
aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

jaane kis mod par thehri hai ye zindagi,
ek pal hai kahin jaam, toh ek pal hai bas dhuaan utha…
aaj bas, yahin pe, iss jagah…

My Lost Treasure

Yesterday, Thu Sep 22 2011, while I was tweeting and browsing the Internet, one of my friend, Deepak Agarwal ( at the time of writing this post his id is @dpk_ag) posted image of this poem. This poem is written by Miss Sidra Siddique, a class 9 student, dedicating to her heavenly aboded father. My condolence with the poor girl. May his father rests in peace!

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