Hello world! It’s really difficult for me to tell anything about myself, but as mistakenly you are landed on about page of mine from unknown region or webpage, it’s my duty to guide you thoroughly about myself.

What’s my Good Name?

Umm. Cannot you see domain name ikunal.in?? My name is Gautam … Kunal Gautam :P

Tell us something more about your history !

As said in the movie “Kung fu Panda” yesterday was history, tomorrow is mystery but today is God’s gift , That is why it’s called Present. Seems like you don’t have interest in this dialogue and still want to know my History :P . Well here it starts

Once upon a time a lovely couple married on May 23rd 198x have their first and only Child on 10th of December 1987[I know it’s really damn long ago :P  ]. This Kid was born in a Hospital :P of Ambala , Haryana, India [Sorry No much detail of hospital available as now :P ]. It was really a cold winter night when this Kid was born. Although Protected by cold , few months passed [ Nothing interesting happened in that period so few months are skipped to years now :D]. So finally day came when this Kid was supposed to go to Kindergarten [KG] finally he successfully completed his KG from Air Force School, Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Finally Kid went to school and completed his Standard 1 to Standard 4 from K.V. No. 2 , Akashnagar [ now near to Airport], Pune. Needless to say this kid got love from all his teacher :P . Finally Kid’s parents were shifted to Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, where he completed his schooling up to standard 9. This kid was really famous there !. Again parents were shifted to remote part of East India, The real heaven according to me, A place called Hasimara, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Where he completed his Standard 10th from K.V. and Standard 11th and 12th from A.F. School .

Finally Kid was not more kid any more :( he become Young man by now :P . Again his parents were shifted to Nasik, Maharashtra, India. Where he somehow managed to complete his graduation in Commerce. Now this time Youngman along with his parents shifted to Place called Lohegaon, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Where young man is currently writing these shits :P .

YAWN !!!

So, what are your qualifications ?

Are you a recruiter ?? Then why are you interested in my qualification ?? Still here are my Qualification details :

Graduation from Pune University in Commerce


Nothing more :P

Dear Recruiter please note that I’m worst in subject called accountancy . According to my account teacher My paper was the best joke she ever read in her entire life :P Kindly don’t recruit me on the basis of my Commerce graduation :P .

Okay! It’s enough to know about your shortest history, so what is your area of interest?

Umm, my areas of interest are web designing, Blogging, Secret Writings etc etc. One of my favorite and Important activity on online world is to Irritate and make bore to Rajesh aka pandu

What are you Currently Doing?

Hmmm, Actually nothing :P But I’ve a company called Tech-Nologic Networks which provide web consultancy services and web designing works :) . Right now company is in great loss so Kindly help me by getting more and more web projects :P I’m good in suggesting free Ideas [ Which I recently started discarding to give to any one for free :P ]

Tutto il resto è a sinistra? [ is anything else left ?]

My favorite

Movie : Kung fu Panda, Finding Nemo

Actress : One and only Sushmita sen

Actor : Shahid kapur :P

Song : I’m alive [ from movie Stuart little ] sung by Celine Dion :), What Dreams are made of [ From movie Lizzie McGuire ] Sung by Hillary Duff :)

Singer : Sonu Nigam [ male ] , and Celine Dion

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