Rashtra Ke Naam Sandesh

By August 14, 2008Editorial

Hello to all,

This speech I’m delivering just a before Independence Day. Please note that this may contain something controversial. This speech is directly from my hearted soul. I should not liable for any thing controversial arising out of it .So here itz start…

We got independence on 15th of August 1947. No matter itz just 61 years ago but rarely I see anyone who really takes care of this Independence weather itz us, Political Parties or Media.

Needless to say we are still worst the in slave condition. First I would like to have attention of some Nice Indian Janta who rarely has any patriotism for their country. All they need is Money. I don’t find any difference between a Prostitute and them. They only know how to earn money .Also it’s very easy to complain that govt. don’t do that and this. For example a person here in Pune yells that there is severe problem of traffic. I think that is mostly coz of them. I’ve seen that people who have to take right turn on a Signal are in most leftist part or even on the Footpath too. Think over this if the most left part people have to go to the right hand side road he/she should be in the right side. This only and only causing traffic congestion.
Secondly I want to ask some people IF THEY GO ABROAD DO THEY EVEN SPIT OR THROW GARBAGES ON ROADS. The answer will be no!! Then why people don’t start this in India?? We have potentials to make our country best. My Request to people of India Please Think about Your Country has some Patriotism

My Second Hit will be at Political Parties and Unions. I don’t think any of the party is doing any social work all they know is to do a Bharat Bandh or Hadtaal [ Bengal specially ]. What is the merit of this bandh??I’ve a Nice Story for this

Once some workers in a shoe factory were Fucked off from their salaries. They want their salaries to be Hiked, Inspite of stopping work and site on factory gate with banner: HAMRI MAANGE POORI KARO” they thought some unique solution. they started producing only left leg shoe =)) . And finally the top authorities have to increase their salaries and then they started producing right leg shoe too. So in short neither the Worker time was gone in “Hamari Maange Poori Karo” nor factory suffered loss for short term and their wages also increases.

Recently there was a trust motion in Our Country’s most Important Serial/Drama at “LOK SABHA “. Itz really nice sop to see how the common man’s pocket money is spent on those people who go their to do nothing for the country [half of then sleeps too] and do lootaa noise like Kid.
Needless to say some Parties are also involving in some political Stunts to be in news too. Few year ago it was south Indian and now needless to say Bihari’s [doesn’t matter if I’m Bihari, I’m an Indian First]. In Maharashtra, Nice stunt is still going on the Name of Marathi.

I love Maratha Culture. I’ve my bentest friend like Tanmay and Chandra Kant [ my class mate ] who are Indians [ Marathi people secondly :P ]. My direct Hit to these political party is that have some patriotism don’t divide the country again in Maharashtra and India. The country will only ultimately loose all things [ ultimately some poor people ] .My advice to politician take some step forward for making India A world Leader.

Third hit to one and only Media. This feature I should remain silent coz everyone knows now media don’t have any news [or never like to publish the truth]

Happy Independence Day to All

Jai Hind , Jai Bharat


  • AVS says:

    agree with kunal

    but my opinion is everyone can find the problems of others but wil not find ther problems..

    its easy to point at others and saying its due to them tht the entire thing happens

    To make india successful everyone has to think beyond them and thr family think abt the country..

    and do things thts right
    am not saying tht am perfect..

    see..when we point our forefingers to others we are not observing tht the other 3 are pointing towards u


  • iChaitanya says:

    Happy Independence day!

    Whatever is mentioned here is the truth. It’s sad but it’s the truth. :|

    Only time can change things. It’s like ‘wait and watch’!

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