Childrens Now Days !!!

By September 19, 2008Editorial, Story

Now days children really think ahead of their Time. I just now received call of a child [ will make it anonymous ] to be attend his school call and talk like his parents :(. It make me feel tooo sad . Is this our education system which only make fear in heart of children or should i blame parents [ sorry anonymous kid if u feel hurted ] that they cannot share with their parents.

In my case i feel proud that I’ve got really nice parent. I told my parent my marks as i got them. Doesn’t matter if it was less or what they never scolded me for it :). and regarding parents meeting i always say to them agar timepaas karna ho to jaayiyega .

Dear Anonymous Kid I really feeling bad for you.You are asking me to do really a wrong thing :|

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  • :) u know says:

    i think we know who you are talking bout, but this post was unasked for, there a lot more generation problems you can talk bout….
    and how is this thinking ahead of his time???

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