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September 2008

Governance systems

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As a daily habit Pintu was reading newspaper. Suddenly he asked his father, ” Dad! What does it mean by ‘Governance System’ ? ” “It’s like…” father said while thinking, “See! I earn and bring money to home, mean’s I am a ‘Money Holder’. Your mother decides where and how to spend that money and that means she is ‘Government’. That maid in our home is doing all the household works, so she will be ‘Labour Class’. You are a ‘Common man’ or ‘Public’. Your kid brother is ‘Future’ or the ‘Next Generation’, understand?”. That day Pintu slept with all those thoughts. In the middle of the night he woke-up because his kid brother was crying. He wetted the matrices so he was crying. Pintu went to woke-up his mother. She was in deep sleep so Pintu went to the Maiden’s room to wake her up. But there his father was sleeping with the maid. So he came back with frustration. Next morning father asked Pintu, ” Hey Pintu Darling! You understood the ‘Governance System’? “. Pintu replied, “Yeah Dad, I understood! When Money Holder is exploiting Labour Class, our Government is sleeping. Future of our nation is crying for not getting their basic needs fulfilled and in all this Common Man is suffering!”

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Special Treat By our Akki Bhaya to a Clicker Part-I

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deadman4help: free 4 clix
akshay joshi: thanks
akshay joshi: send urs
deadman4help: k same 2 u
akshay joshi: send urs blog
deadman4help: ya
akshay joshi:
1 main ad & 10 imp by post visit only
deadman4help: urs?
akshay joshi:
akshay joshi: 2 fucks and 10 blowjobs
deadman4help: is this 4 real?
akshay joshi: yup
deadman4help: man u shudnt do that
deadman4help: i had sum1 ready 4 clix
akshay joshi: only man can do it
deadman4help: anyways thnx 4 the offer
deadman4help: bye tc
akshay joshi: wait
akshay joshi: should i click ur blog for 30 times ?
akshay joshi:
akshay joshi: u will earn more

Chat Log with Akshay [ I was Acting As Bot ]

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Akki: what do i need to know that also
ME: Request Failed Plz try later
Akki: ohh so u r doing developement
Akki: god good
ME: Command Not Found
Akki: Oledb exception was thrown
ME: Command Not Found
Akki: fatal eror please dont try again
ME: Command Not Found
Akki: sex not done
ME: Command Not Found
Akki: please ejaculate again
ME: Command Not Found
Akki: select * from Kunal (kkg_mjh) gautam where sex=male;
ME: Remote Server Timed out
ME: Connection Failed
Akki: make sure u have enough rights and try againMake
Akki: “akshaycjoshi” user not found
ME: Connection Failed
Akki: Connection sucks
ME: Connection Failed
ME: Server Busy Try Again Later
ME: Server Time Out
ME: Too Many Process