Epic FML Story of Rajesh a.k.a Pandu

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To start this epic story of Rajesh, let me clear what FML means(for our n00b readers). According to Urban Dictionary "an acronym for Fuck My Life, but also the name of a popular website, where people post their embarrassing stories.". So in short this is one of the most funny and embarrassing story of our dearest kid Pandu.

I still remember it was one good evening of Tuesday, June the 21, 2011. Whole story is as fresh in my mind as it just happened. It was one of the rainy day of the season, and I was thinking why it is raining too much all of sudden, why monsoon is not preceding as it should, and cribbing about people who damage environment. Irony was that I was also sitting in air-conditioned room contributing towards global warming and climate change.

While I was all worried about our mother nature and environment, our kid, Rajesh was all having different problems going in his life. Rajesh as usual, came on-line at around 7:30 and pinged me if I was there or not. As usual I replied "Yes I'm still alive", and our conversation on gtalk started! He told me that he is too worried about his examinations. He might failed in his examination as he has not yet read a single chapter Economics due to unavailability of book.

He continued his conversation while all I was doing "Hmmm hmmm" on gtalk. He also told about his Alzheimer's disease towards memorizing the Mathematics formulas. I replied "This is what gonna happen if you will dug well while fire broke out". I continued and told him that this is going to happen if one do not concentrate in his class and study at the time of examination. Being a nice human being (pun intended ;) ), I asked if anything I can do to help him.  As usual he said No.

Once again he said he is not going to pass the examination, and frustrated evil inside me typed "Even if you pass or not you need not to worry. You have nice and ongoing business of your father to take over.". As usual, he replied with Me Gusta smiley a.k.a :-| . I told him that I was a a great great fool that I attended my college days sincerely and taken studies seriously. As usual, he again replied me with Me Gusta Smiley.

Yes, I don't mind for Me Gusta Smiley every time he send me, because I'm really expecting them 90% of time when I send him any email or S.M.S. If one check all the S.M.S. that Rajesh sends to me, one will find :-| as a common reply in my S.M.S. inbox. The chat continued with all his F.M.L. stories which if I will publish , I guess, will  leave behind Bhagvadgita and Ramayan combined together in number of pages for sure! So to save our environment on crappy story I've not published those F.M.L. story, because I'm an environmentalist in a air-conditioned room :).

While he was cribbing about the stories, he said that he do lots of social service by helping people, hope in exchange, god and aliens will give him passing marks in all subject. Before continue to story further, let me tell you Rajesh is one of the best drama queen I've ever met, and a person with stealth personality who will never reveal that he is going to topped in examination.

It was around 9 PM IST, when all of sudden, my mom called me for dinner. I ask BRB to Rajesh and promised him to be back in 15 minutes, meanwhile I kept my promise and I was back. I told him that I had samosa with ketchup and its really fun to do FAP FAP on ketchup bottle forwarding him a link with a MEME that is created for the same situation.

Fap Fap alternate meaning

Again as I expected, he sent me Me Gusta Smiley. Now I sent him a facebook page which read as "Fap Fap Fap Fap meme". Really I had no idea when our troubled kid Rajesh liked it, and trust me rest of story is a history to be remembered!

FML of Rajesh

so ending the nice story and to those who still didn't understood what fap fap means, Fap fap meme is a meme in which a Man is shown "Masturbating"   in front of screen while watching porn.

To end the story with Moral and Pravachan, I should salute Rajesh, even though understanding the real meaning, he took daring and didn't unliked the page.

Moral/Pravachan of/from the story "Do proper research before implementing/liking anything"

Meanwhile I'd like to thanks Gmail for archiving chat logs, twitpic for hosting all the amazing pics, and my ISP(Reliance Infocomm or BSNL) for providing me uninterrupted services(yes pun intended again ;) )while I was chatting with Rajesh and writing this blog. Last but not least, I'd like to thank Rajesh to add spice in my boring life.

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