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December 2011

I cannot satisfy everyone!

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To start with, you should know Human wants are unlimited, so its almost impossible to satisfy any human being. If one think from positive side, human need to be unsatisfied, else our race will never go ahead! It was only unsatisfied desire of human, that we have aeroplane to mobile to all latest technology which you can imagine.

But sometime for a developer like me, feel it very irritating. Let me tell you one short incident or call it a story, to understand the situation.

Once there was a painter, he painted a nice portrait of himself. Upon completing of portrait, he place it on a busy road junction and asked people to comment/suggest him on portrait. As usual being human being, one gave suggestion that nose should be little bit upward, one suggested eyes should be small and like that list goes on. Though there were few comment that portrait is best according to them but it was like a drop in the ocean.

The painter got depressed, and thought he put his bes effort to make best out of him,  he didn't got the response he expected. One wise old man ( like me :P ) upon understanding situation guided him a path to overcome this situation. So the painter placed the picture with all comment and asked people to prepare a portrait like as said in comment. ultimate result no one came to do so.

So the moral of the incident or story is that its in human nature to give free suggestion. But when come to impliment or apply those suggestion, every one will wash their hands from it.

P.S.: My dear friends and clients, I can not satisfy you all anyways.


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