I Wish........

I wish I could say, the feelings that went away,
I will I could tell, things I did that no one ever will..
I wish you could hear, the voice behind my silence..
I wish you could see those tears..
I wish you could feel that pain burning inside me..
You promised that we'd together..But you were never here...

I wish I could show you, your beauty in my eyes..
I wish I could I tell you, how you made me feel inside..
I wish you could know, those feelings that disappeared..
I wish you wouldn't go,  you left but I was there..
I wish you could remember, fake promises that you made..
I wish I never had to hear, those awful things that you said.

I wish you still remember, the times we had together,
I wish you still love those things, coz nothing can ever be better..

- Anurag Upadhaya