My first flight Journey | A trip I'll remember :)

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It's going to be long time that I've written nothing on my blog. Recently my friend Anurag Upadhaya had his first flight experience. Hence I thought I should also share my first flight experience.

In India, it is very hard to get a confirmed ticket on train towards Bihar/U.P. route during summer vacation.  Recently I had to attend marriage ceremony of my Brother-in-law from Samastipur, Bihar. Since I was unable to get confirmed ticket, I booked flight ticket from Pune to Patna (via Delhi).

With no previous experience of Flight journey, I was little bit scared and don't know any procedure. So I decided to leave early from home to understand things.

I left my home at 3 A.M. IST on 17th of May 2015 and reached airport in 15 minutes. After bidding ADIEU to papa, I entered into Pune International Airport premises. There I seen signs stating Jet Airways entry from Gate No. 1. So I entered through gate 1. I sat inside Airport, and tried to understand procedure. at 3:30 people started queuing up near Jet Airways counter. So I followed people in queue. With basic security check I reached at counter, where Jet employee asked my seat preference. Without any second thought I said window seat and voilla! she gave me tickets from Pune to Delhi (9W364) and Delhi to Patna (9W 730). They took normal luggage and tagged it. I was told I will get luggage in Patna.

Before leaving counter, I observed that people were taking tags for their cabin luggage, I asked for it and she replied it is for cabin luggage. So I took one and attached to my Laptop bag. After getting in further, another security check was to be done. Here we need to deposit our mobile and laptop separately. After checking in they stamped on tag. And we were inside.

As It was only 4:10 A.M. I sat on chairs at ground floor to notice what to do further. While I was watching signs which were warning that Photography is prohibited, I seen a sign that departure is from 1st floor. So I followed people who were going on 1st floor. There it was a big area with many gates. I sat there waiting for boarding call. As there was no mention of boarding gate, I asked staff there from which gate I can board for Delhi Jet Airways. Her reply was though it will be gate number 5 but it will be announced later.

Waiting there till 5:30 A.M. I came to know flight is delayed as it was not yet arrived. Few passengers were getting anxious as they had their connecting flight from IGI Delhi. I was quiet as I had ample amount of time for my connecting flight. Around 5:40 A.M they made boarding call, and I was inside aircraft. This was the first time I seen the Jet Bridge/Aerobridge. I was expecting we need to walk near aircraft and go up by stairs :P

Every passenger was welcomed by Air Hostess. I said Namaste and with extra smile Air Hostess also said Namaste ;). After all setteled down, all passengers were demonstrated with essential flight safety guide. Though they didn't mentioned about life jacket :P.I made call to mom that I'll be switching off mobile as plane is going to take off. At 6:15 A.M flight was on runway and we were told to turn off our electronic devices. Within few minutes aircraft took off . All I can say I got blank for few moment due to sudden inertia. After gaining some consciousness, I Seen below window and seen a clean road from Pune outskirts with really small car plying.

Windows watching didn't gone for long as there was bright light of sun coming through windows. After that First Pilot announced we can use our electronic devices in AirPlane mode. So I started playing Angry Bird. In moment of 15 minutes Breakfast was there. It was tasty. Breakfast consists of Idli, upma, Sambhar, Bread Bun and fruits.
Meal on board by Jet Airways :)
While breakfast was over. We were told by First pilot that flight got delayed but will try to reach at IGI at 8 AM. He also told flight is going through Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Udaipur airspace. He also told that flight is right now at 30-32k Feets above ground. He also told that there may be several turbulence due to poor weather and we don't need to worry. While this was going on Caption made announcement to keep shades up and crew member to get back to place as we were going to land in few minutes. When we landed and aircraft was on the way to terminal we were told it is safe to turn on our electronic devices. I made call to Mom again that I've landed safely in Delhi.

After that I followed people. Though it was little bit confusing about exit or internal transfer, I asked Jet Airways staff at desk about direction I've to go for my next connecting flight. He guided me the way. Again I was in the queue for security check and we need to change the cabin baggage tag. After security clearance and few steps ahead I was inside IGI T3 Terminal. It was like a shopping mall with lots of people. I seen a display where my Flight number was mentioned with gate number. So I followed sign. Actually I missed last sign and instead of going to Jet Airways area I gone toward Air India area. after a long walk (thankfully escalator  were there) I reached end. I saw a police uncle and asked where is gate number 37 He said its on other side and asked if my flight is announced. I said its on 2:30PM and he said that its okay that I have lot of time.

so I got back to Jet Airways area. I sat near gate number 37. Plugged my laptop and started browsing internet. It was really boring to have my time passed. I was thinking not to sleep as I was feeling sleepy.
A view of Runway from IGI T3
Not to mention there were nice resting chair with full body support on which one can sleep easily at the Airport. Apart from Humans there were pigeons too at IGI airport. Not to mention as the area got empty it was chilly cool. View was nice as I was watching aircraft landing and taking off. From there I came to know FedEx have their own aircraft too.

Pigeon at IGI T3
Just 1 hour before boarding time, I got SMS saying that IGI is silent airport and no announcement will be made. Hence one need to get info from screens installed at various places. When boarding time came near. I glued near screen which displays gate number. After few minutes again via Jet bridge passengers were transferred to aircraft. Again same safety instruction were demonstrated after passenger settled down. And once again they came with Life jacket but didn't demonstrated it. I made call to Mom and to my wife who was at my in-laws-home, that I'm switching off my mobile as plane is going to take off. Before that I took this picture.
After aircraft got taxiing to runway we were told to turn off our electronic devices. with a long route towards main runway aircraft was in air in matter of seconds. And here my second flight journey that too on same day started.

This time I was lucky that there was no sunshine towards my side. I captured pic of horizon. Sky was way too dark blue. In few minutes lunch was served.
So Tiny world below :)
Lunch was consisted of a roll and chocolate :P I was like "Itne se mera kya hoga". I asked for more and Air Hostess said if there will be I'll be provided. Although I was not provided extra :( While having lunch I was looking below and I can see a train was going. It was looking damn small. The view of white cloud below was mesmerizing. They were shining too bright.

Anyways while wrapping up Caption made announcement that we were going to land in few minutes. from window I seen some runway( Most probably Bihta Runway). After that while descending I saw most probably Danapur railway station. And in a matter of minutes we landed safely. Announcement was made from where we can college luggage. I turned on my phone and it was unable to latch on network. From there we have to take stairs to go down ward. I was expecting Jet bridge this time :P

Horizon View from Plane

After coming down I was welcomed with hot air. While some people were busy in taking photograph with Airplane I was in a rush to go inside Airport building. Inside building I was waiting for my luggage. Meanwhile phone was connected to network and I made call to my brother in law. Meanwhile waiting for luggage. There were three short power disruption at Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport, Patna I felt finally I was welcomed at home land Bihar :P After waiting for 15 minutes my luggage came. I pick it up checked tag and came outside the building where my brother in laws were waiting for me.

In short it was a nice fun trip. All I can say it was too fast I reached to Patana. I came back to my In-laws-home via Gandhi Setu, which was having huge traffic jam due to maintenance work going over it. To summarize my experience, I'm posting a view of River Ganga from Gandhi Setu.

View of sunset from Gandhi Setu

Short Moral Story - 1

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Long time ago, in a village far, very far away in the foothills of The Great Himalaya, there lived an old wise man. The man was famous for his wisdom. People not only from his village, but also from nearby village come to get wisdom and blessings from this great old man.

In the village, there were few young mind who were suspicious of his visionary wisdom, made a plan to prove wise old man wrong. Their plan was pretty simple. Their plan was to keep a alive butterfly in their fist and ask wise old man if the butterfly is alive or dead. The planned to kill the butterfly by crushing in their fist if old man says the butterfly is alive, or to leave the butterfly flying, if he says that butterfly is dead.


With their motive to prove old wise man wrong, they visited him when he was addressing gathering with his wisdom under the Peepal tree(Ficus religiosa or sacred fig). Young men stopped in between of his speech and asked if the butterfly in their fist is alive or dead. It doesn't took time by old man to know their intention of young men. Wise old man not only gave answer but also astounded the audience with his wisdom.

Old man turned toward audience and told, "Our life is like this butterfly, it is in your hand to make it alive or make it dead. So what ever is the case, weather to make life happy or unhappy, it is your decision". Spellbonded audience not only amazed by old man's intelligence but their respect for him increases. The young men got their answer and were repenting for suspecting on Old man's knowledge.

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Epic FML Story of Rajesh a.k.a Pandu

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To start this epic story of Rajesh, let me clear what FML means(for our n00b readers). According to Urban Dictionary "an acronym for Fuck My Life, but also the name of a popular website, where people post their embarrassing stories.". So in short this is one of the most funny and embarrassing story of our dearest kid Pandu.

I still remember it was one good evening of Tuesday, June the 21, 2011. Whole story is as fresh in my mind as it just happened. It was one of the rainy day of the season, and I was thinking why it is raining too much all of sudden, why monsoon is not preceding as it should, and cribbing about people who damage environment. Irony was that I was also sitting in air-conditioned room contributing towards global warming and climate change.

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The Ant And The Grasshopper: Mail Junk

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An Old Story:

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house
and laying up supplies for the winter.

The Grasshopper thinks the Ant is a fool and laughs dances plays the
summer away.

Come winter, the Ant is warm and well fed. The Grasshopper has no food
or shelter so he dies out in the cold.

New Indian Version:

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house
and laying up supplies for the winter.

The Grasshopper thinks the Ant’s a fool and laughs dances plays the
summer away.

Come winter, the shivering Grasshopper calls a press conference and
demands to know why the Ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed
while others are cold and starving.

NDTV, BBC, CNN show up to provide pictures of the shivering Grasshopper
next to a video of the Ant in his comfortable home with a table filled
with food.

The World is stunned by the sharp contrast. How can this be that this
poor Grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

Arundhati Roy stages a demonstration in front of the Ant’s house.

Medha Patkar goes on a fast along with other Grasshoppers demanding that
Grasshoppers be relocated to warmer climates during winter .

Mayawati states this as `injustice’ done on Minorities.

Amnesty International and Koffi Annan criticize the Indian Government
for not upholding the fundamental rights of the Grasshopper.

The Internet is flooded with online petitions seeking support to the
Grasshopper (many promising Heaven and Everlasting Peace for prompt
support as against the wrath of God for non-compliance) .

Opposition MPs stage a walkout. Left parties call for ‘Bengal Bandh’ in
West Bengal and Kerala demanding a Judicial Enquiry.

CPM in Kerala immediately passes a law preventing Ants from working hard
in the heat so as to bring about equality of poverty among Ants and

Lalu Prasad allocates one free coach to Grasshoppers on all Indian
Railway Trains, aptly named as the ‘Grasshopper Rath’.

Finally, the Judicial Committee drafts the ’ Prevention of Terrorism
Against Grasshoppers Act’ [POTAGA], with effect from the beginning of
the winter.

Arjun Singh makes ‘Special Reservation ’ for Grasshoppers in Educational
Institutions in Government Services.

The Ant is fined for failing to comply with POTAGA and having nothing
left to pay his retroactive taxes,it’s home is confiscated by the
Government and handed over to the Grasshopper in a ceremony covered by

Arundhati Roy calls it ’ A Triumph of Justice’.

Lalu calls it ‘Socialistic Justice ‘.

CPM calls it the ’ Revolutionary Resurgence of the Downtrodden ‘

Koffi Annan invites the Grasshopper to address the UN General Assembly.

Many years later…

The Ant has since migrated to the US and set up a multi-billion dollar
company in Silicon Valley,

100s of Grasshoppers still die of starvation despite reservation
somewhere in India ,


As a result of losing lot of hard working Ants and feeding the
grasshoppers, India is still a developing country…!! ! :) :) :)