Finally! Got Broadband.

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With advancement of technology, it is really hard to get in pace with older infrastructure. While whole Internet is shifting towards HTML5, it is really pain to use dialup/slow/Limited internet connection to browse a page. Even a simple Gmail’s page take plenty of time to get loaded.

So there started my problem. Due to slow Internet connectivity a 1 minute work took around 10 minute. I was in search of a fixed/wired Broadband connection which provide unlimited connectivity or faster connectivity atleast. I tried BSNL EVDO(Have to leave it as it got slower later and have signal problem), BSNL3g(Left due to poor connectivity and heavy charges), Reliance Netconnect +(It is good but Unlimited plan was slower @ 155kbps) .

I wrote too many emails and run from Pillar to Post for getting a BSNL Broadband connection from last 5 years, but answer from them was same that they cannot provide connectivity due to wire cut just 800mts away from my location. Even writing to their CMD didn’t worked.

But one fine day, as I was searching for the same I found my local cable operator(Sairaj Star Vision) was providing Broadband service under the name Jaguar Broadband Service (Franchisee of Fivenet). So I gone for inquiry. Though it took them 2 weeks to provide connectivity to me, I can say I’m more then satisfied with my connection.

I got connection on 20th of Nov 2013(Wed), and connection was nice. I choose 1mbps unlimited plan, which provide the same upload and download speed. Main feature of this connection is :

  • View YouTube videos without any buffer : FiveNet use youtube caching so even I’m on 1mbps connection it doesn’t buffer on 1080p HD videos. The data transfer rate between caching server and my location goes more then 8mbps which cause zero lag/buffer experience.
  • Torrent Caching : FiveNet has torrent caching server due to which I can download popular torrents at speed more then 10mbps. So a ubuntu iso can be downloaded in max 1-2 minutes.
  • Local DC++ Hub : To use DC++ hub one has to take special plan which costs 200-300 Rs more. There are lots of Pirated stuffs available there. Hence it is of no use to me. You can find almost every TV Show, Software, videos, song etc. over local DC Hub. You can transfer at the rate of 100mbps.

So last but not least. I got my dream broadband connection which is awesome(As I can watch YouTube videos without any problem).

SpeedTest.Net Result

True Love Story

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Once there was a guy and a girl in a good relationship since 5 years. The guy was sincere and girl was cute. Both of them were happy with their relationship.

One day girl came to meet the guy and showed him her new pin eye lenses.

The guy fainted immediately after he saw those lenses.

Girl got scared of that scene and shouted at her loud for help and managed to get his boyfriend to the hospital.

Nurse called special trauma care doctors and quickly the doctors team came to hospital. They decided to operate boy.

Shocked and scared gal was crying and waited for, 72 hours in the hospital.

After the boy health got well and he get out of I.C.U. the doctor came out and told girl that his  boyfriend has Alcohol in his heart.

Girl was further shocked !!!

Though Girl told doctor that her boyfriend never had a drink then how he has alcohol in his heart it was unexplained situation from both the side.

After few days, doctors told girl that her boy friend is out of danger and now so she can take him to home. Doctors also told her to come next day morning till then their team will medically investigate the reason of alcohol in heart.

Girl took a taxi. She still was not able to think about the reason of this unexplained condition of his boyfriend.

while she was in deep thought about it, there was song being played on FM in the taxi-

“Gulabi Aankhen Jo Teri Dekhi, Sharaabi Ye Dil Ho Gaya..”

And suddenly she realized the reason.

Reason was her new ”PINK LENSES” which make her eyes Pink.

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Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.

– Steve Jobs

(Steve Jobs Special Issue #1)