What the heck this page is about?

This year(2017),  I've decided to learn new things and share my learning notes on this blog. My learning curve is actually very slow and I tend to keep forgetting the things very often, so I've decided to log whatever I am learning, which I hope someday someone might find useful. Please note that I may not be expert about things I am writing and all of it will be my first hand experiences.

About  Framework Learning

Frameworks always amazed me a lot. Time saved by using a framework is really considerable. Apart from time saving, it helps to code less with efficiency and protect the code from various attacks on the inter-webs (eg. XSS, CSRF etc.)

Till now I was very much inclined toward writing my own development code and not using Framework. Main reason behind using my own code rather then using a framework was to understand the core concept of the language. And trust me it really helps a lot to get started towards the framework.

The first framework I used was Twitter Bootstrap. Since then I've never looked back to develop the front end in less amount of time. Meanwhile I've also put my hands on Foundation Framework, which is also one of the best front end framework.

Meanwhile Following Framework I'll try to learn in the year 2017, 2018, 2019: